We start with the barley grain. We’re using 100% non-GMO, 2 row, USDA Grade 1 malted barley that is sourced from farms in Kentucky. 



Here’s where we’re innovating and challenging the norms: We’re not using pot stills. The Macklowe is being made in a column still, with a copper doubler at Wilderness Trail Distillery in Kentucky. As far as we know, there are only 2 or 3 other distilleries in the world using columns for malt whiskey [Miyagikyu in Japan and Loch Lomond in Scotland) and none using this combination.  In charge of production, from fermentation to distillation to maturation, are Shane Baker and Pat Heist of Wilderness Trail, acknowledged masters of yeast fermentation. 

Our proprietary yeast is fast starting, with high yield and flavor production that highlights the vanilla tones I prefer.  Wilderness Trail is the Ferrari of American whiskey distilleries



I brought on board one of the great master blenders in Scotland, Ian MacMillan. He’s been in the business close to 50 years, was the master blender for Burn Stewart (makers of Bunnahabhain, Tobermory and Deanston) and most recently brought the Bladnoch Distillery in the Lowlands back to life.



Our new American oak barrels are cooper select, 36 month-air-aged Independent Stave Company (ISC) barrels, their highest grade. 3 years of air drying produces a barrel with more active vanillin and less tannin, which gets me to my ideal flavor profile. The Macklowe is foregoing the traditional heavy char levels of 3 and 4 that will crush the life out of barley and instead using a blend of premium heavy toast and char level 1, to enhance the complexity and tampen down the woodiness.

Once your glass is poured,your journey begins…

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